Fun Tips For Using Snapchat

Snapchat is the new American social media messaging app developed by Snap Inc, originally Snap Inc. One of Snap's main features is that messages and photos are usually only accessible to their intended recipients for a brief period before they become unavailable to them. The idea is actually quite simple: when someone uses the chat feature, they create a picture and then it becomes visible to other users on Snapchat. However, the picture stays online for a much longer period of time than what most users want it to be available to them. This is a very unique way of interacting with others on Snap.

How does a person get access to all the photos that someone has posted on their snapchat account? If you are logged into snapchat, you have the option of searching for different photos or messages. Once you are on your snapchat screen, you will see several buttons on the top right corner of the screen. You can select any photo or message that you would like to view. However, if you do not want to view any snaps that are public, you simply have to click on the private tab on your snapchat home page.

Snapchat Picture

When you view a picture on snapchat, it will look like a normal snap, but the background is different and the photo is shown in high definition. This is a great way to share your snap with friends or family, but there is also a private storage tab along with your snaps. Anyone that you want to see a particular snap can simply click on the private tab and they will be able to view the photo directly. It's as easy as that! Using snapchat, you are given the ability to share live video and photos through a variety of lenses. For example, if you are having a birthday party, and want your guests to be able to see the photos, you can use the lenses snap chat feature to make this possible.

Private storage and viewing capabilities to allow you to view only the memories you want to share with others. If you accidentally deleted one of your snaps, you can restore them by using the restore snapchat function. No matter what else you might accidentally do on snapchat, the odds are very good that someone else has done it before too. Therefore, if you want to save all of your snapshots, you can use a password system in order to prevent others from accessing them. Since your memories are stored on your own private storage area, you will not be bothered by those who have already viewed them. This is a great way to ensure that your snapshots stay private, even if someone does forget the password.

Fun And personalization Snaps

Lenses add an extra layer of fun and personalization to your snaps. For example, if you are taking pictures of your little sister's birthday party, you can use special effects to make the picture come alive. For instance, if you have your sister's eye pupils open when she smiles, you can make that happen by adjusting the lens aperture before taking the snap. This can give you some fantastic photo opportunities, especially since most snapshots do not come with auto-focus lenses. To enhance the special effects, you can use blur settings on your camera.

For those who like to engage in group chat, a great way to take advantage of group chat is by using the special features on snapchat for group chat. For example, if you are chatting with your friends at the local coffee shop, you can take a snapshot and then send it to all of your friends in snapchat. With this function, you can invite everyone to join your snapchat group chat. As each person clicks in, they will be added to your group chat.

To make disappearing snaps more interesting, you can make them fade in color or turn them black and white. When you take a snapshot and then go into snapchat, it will appear faded and or grayed out. To have your snapshot fade in color, you should go into settings and click on transitions. From there, you can choose a transition style that will blend in with the background of your snapchat screen. If you would like the background to remain the same, you can simply change the transition style again. 


Emoticons are a great way to spice up your snaps. If you have an application called Emojify, you can easily create your own Emoticon, which is essentially a trademarked word that allows you to show off your personality through your pictures. If you have a cute Emo kid, you can show off your cute Emo Emoticon. If you want to show off your more serious side, you can choose a witty Emoticon. Whatever your Emoticon says, be sure to say it proudly!