Marvel At Present And Available In The Best Fighting Games For Mobile Devices

Fighting games for mobile devices are taking the world by storm. The reason behind this is, most of them are free and they are highly optimized for Android and iPhone OS. They are developed by various companies specialized in creating such applications. As a result, you can find some of the best fighting games for android, iPhone and other mobile operating systems.

Best Fighting Games

Some of the best fighting games for mobile devices are Zuken, Popcap, Instinct, Just Dance, Inversion Engine, and Samurai & Ninja. Each one of them offers its own special feature that will appeal to players. There are a lot of popular characters such as Dragonball, Street fighter, Final fifties, and Metal gear Solid. Plus, each game is designed uniquely for each particular OS. Here are a few things that differentiate these from one another.

First off, the graphics and the effects are excellent. All of them offer the highest quality graphics you will ever see. The backgrounds are very colorful and there are several special effects that will thrill you. They are also well animated. In Samurai & Ninja for example, you will get to see the beautiful city of Seoul as well as the back grounds of the Korean Dynasty castle. The fighting is quite fast and the audio is top notch.

Best Action Games

This is definitely one of the best action games for mobile devices on the market. In the background you will hear Chinese people talking and performing some acrobatic moves. You can also see street performers throughout the level. The fighting takes place in Hong Kong and Macau. The fighting is intense and includes several different types of fighting including the Wing Chun and the Boxe Franca.

This is the second best action game for mobile devices on the market. This game is similar to the first one but it introduces a few new characters along with the first three. The main character is the hero named Ryu who uses his unique kung fu style to fight against the evil forces. You control the story through a single-player campaign and use special attacks to take out the enemies. The single-player campaign has several levels including the very first one where you have to defeat the entire Makai army.

Spiritual Sequel

The third in the series is titled as Dynasty in the Dragon Project. It is actually a spiritual sequel of the first Dynasty in the Dragon Project. The hero of the game is named Baek Dong Soo and he uses a traditional karate set of weapons as well as special moves. You control the story through a single-player campaign and use Baek's powerful attack to smite your enemies. The graphics and the special moves are comparable to those of the Dynasty in the Dragon Project.

The fourth in the series, Infinity Blade III, is also produced by Samsung. It is one of the best action games for mobile devices in the market today. Infinity Blade III follows the storyline of the first game and gives a taste of the intense combat that is possible in this game. In order to defeat the evil emperor, you have to collect energy balls and use them to power up your sword.

Fifth Series

The fifth in the series is called the Chronicles of Spellborn. It is based on the DC comics and features the superhero known as Spidey. The story takes place after Spiderman rescued an infant girl from villains and brought her to live with the Avengers. Marvel at present is not releasing any new episodes of this particular superhero series, so you might want to check this out if you like this kind of superhero.