Microsoft Teams: A New Way to collaborate

Microsoft Teams is an open source business collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. Teams primarily competes with its competitor slack, offering visual workspace and audio/video conferencing, document storage, and collaboration tools. This platform was previously known as SharePoint and was previously used by the Electronic Research Products Corporation (ERP) as their central repository.

With the recent release of version 5, the major new features in this collaboration tool include: improved mobile experiences, such as integrated video conferencing; a wider range of enterprise messaging experiences including group discussion and email; and better access to enriched data from outside sources. Teams also now allows the organization to work with external databases, which can significantly reduce IT costs. Microsoft Teams offers many different apps that can be customized to meet various organizational needs.

This talk will focus on how to plan for the development of apps and how to start using Microsoft Teams. The first thing to discuss is how to use Teams in an organization. A cheat sheet outlining the process of planning and using Microsoft Teams for the organization should be circulated to all employees, especially those who have not had any experience with this collaboration platform. An index of all the teams in Microsoft can also be created.

Microsoft Teams

The key to successfully using Microsoft Teams lies in the ability to properly prioritize tasks, assigning tasks to individual team members, and delegating tasks to other team members. A few additional tips are also suggested. Since most people who will be participating in the discussion or meeting will be connected to the web, video conferencing can be used to communicate with each team member via their cell phones. Assign additional resources to each individual so that each person can contribute to the overall discussion.

It is suggested that the video conferencing service is integrated into the existing internet availability in the work force. Video conferencing can also be used in the process of designing new apps. If there is a need for additional resources, the team members can be informed of their assignments via video conferencing. Once the app is ready for testing, the beta testers can be contacted for their opinions.

Collaborations Features

One important feature of this new collaboration tool is its ability to support a wide variety of browsers. Teams will be able to share documents and images with each other in a manner that is convenient to the people participating. To encourage further adoption and usage of Microsoft Teams, it was announced that it would release an updated version of Skype for mobile devices. With this latest release, it is expected that more than half of the estimated 13 million daily users of mobile devices will take advantage of the new functionality available in Microsoft Teams.

Teams has been designed as a way for groups within an organization to collaborate more easily. By enabling instant messaging on the go, the app makes it easier for groups to coordinate projects, meet, and discuss projects at any time. For the purposes of larger businesses, companies are encouraged to take advantage of tools offered by this program to ensure that their entire enterprise gains more productivity. The ability to have multiple teams to collaborate on projects is beneficial when the projects require input from different parts of the company. By allowing teams to communicate without needing to put up with long-distance communication barriers, they can meet with their colleagues virtually.

For organizations that have yet to incorporate chat apps into their business communication plans, it is recommended that they take the necessary time to learn about the availability of Microsoft Teams. The availability of chat apps such as MS Teams make it possible for groups within an organization to collaborate more effectively. As more organizations embrace Microsoft Teams, the number of problems experienced while working together will decrease.