Twitter Platform to Enhance the Environmental Tone of Business

Twitter recently announced that they would be holding a competition for the Twitter 2021 US President. This follows the recent trend of other companies like Nike and Levi stepping forward with their own social media based challenges to Obama. The fact that these companies have been successful at challenging large US corporations only shows that it's possible to reach the President through using the power of social media. Obama is also no stranger to the use of social media. He has used the site Twitter for breaking news stories, his weekly speech and even used it to host his yearly State of the Union address.

If we look at the situation itself though, this year's President is far from a "mark." In fact, his approval rating is record low and disapproval rating is higher than it was during his first term in office. With the recent developments on Health Care and his economic growth agenda, the President may find his approval rating dipping as the upcoming elections grow closer. For these reasons, it makes sense for Twitter to hold a contest and encourage the US President to put his weight into the social media community.

Twitter 2021 challenge

The winner of the Twitter 2021 challenge could receive a prize, gifts or even fame in their name! It's great to see a future President is taking steps in a positive direction and utilizing social media as part of his campaign strategy. In fact, this latest PR move could be the spark that ignites his supporters' passion and drive to help propel him to victory. It will be interesting to see what happens next!

Obama is not the only leader who has embraced the power of social media. Bill Gates has also taken the lead in planning his "going green" initiatives for Microsoft. These initiatives are aimed at creating a more environmentally friendly footprint for businesses. By embracing this technology, businesses can better protect the environment and reduce health care costs. We all know that healthcare costs are out of control and reducing these costs will be one of the major priorities for the new administration.

What can we learn from Obama's and Gates' examples? For one, it's clear that there is no one single solution for business to become more Earth-friendly. The first step is for businesses to develop an eco-friendly strategy and then follow through with it. Obama's and Gates' examples are good for current business to implement, but it is business's responsibility to take further steps to reduce their impact on the environment. They have laid a good foundation for future action.

Obama's and Gates' visions

Will Obama's and Gates' visions for the future become reality or will they be just recommendations? The answer is still unknown. But one thing is clear: regardless of what happens in Washington, one thing is for certain: the business has to start taking responsibility for its impact on the environment and everyone else living in the United States and the world. Businesses must begin seriously considering their carbon footprint and how it will affect future generations. We cannot leave this responsibility to others.

The United States has not demonstrated the ability to lead the way in dealing with global warming. In fact, over the past four years, our record breaking use of fossil fuels has significantly increased carbon emissions. We need to know where we are going and working to bring people together to address the challenges of the future. This is not a time for excuses, but a time for forward thinking business people to consider what they can do to positively impact their companies and the communities in which they operate.

Obama and Gates have each indicated that they are not in the least bit afraid to take a leadership role in addressing the environmental challenges of the future. And they have each also illustrated clearly the benefits of being a leader in the business community when it comes to communicating the right messages. If we want business leaders to act on this collectively, then it is time for businesses to realize that they have a responsibility to do so. The best possible leadership begins with them. Together we can build a pollution free world for future generations.