Best android phones for 2021 by rai faheem

Whether you're looking for a big or small phone, an entry-level, or best of all, Android has options for everyone. And unlike Apple's strict release cycle, Google's hardware partners are unleashing a seemingly endless stream of new devices throughout the year. But here's the catch: With so many options, how do you settle for the right one? Fortunately for you, we test and review almost every smartphone available from major US carriers.

Please note that while the reviews above may not show which carrier you choose, most of the phones here are available unlocked and can be used with many US carriers Read what to look for when buying, plus our top picks for phones Android.

When to buy a new Android phone

The Android release cycle has become permanent; There is a new batch of flagship phones coming every month right now. If you are in the market to buy Samsung, now is the time to buy. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is hitting the shelves, and Samsung is unlikely to release high-end flagship phones for another six months or so. Google seems to be breathing now that the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 are on the market. The next round of March hotspots will likely come from LG and OnePlus, most notably the OnePlus 9.

5G Android Phones

In general, any high-end phone you buy now will have 5G. If you buy a low-quality device, don't stress it too much; Current 5G systems from AT&T and Verizon across the country don't offer much performance boost over 4G, and even T-Mobile's new low-band Android phones have started to include mid-range 5G.

If you want the best network speeds in the future, look for a C-band phone. Coming primarily to Verizon and AT&T starting in late 2021 or early 2022, C-band networks will likely offer several times the speed of low 4G systems. 5G. The range. As of this writing, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones are the only Android phones that officially have the C band, but we expect most of the other phones released this year will have them as well.

Pricing trends

This list contains phones from under $ 200 to just around $ 2000. At the low end, both the Nokia 5.3 and the Moto G Power are excellent values ​​for little money. A tip on the lower end: branded phones (that don't mention the manufacturer's name) are often not very good.

Most phones sold in the United States cost $ 600 or more because they are sold with monthly payment plans that mask the cost over a 24- or 30-month period. But there's also a thriving market, mostly prepaid, for phones that cost $ 300 or less. Take a look at the latest Moto G series models, Nokia phones or ZTE prepaid carrier models for decent quality at a low price.

The pandemic prompted phone makers to re-evaluate the prices of the flagship phones we saw earlier this year. The Galaxy S20 FE, Pixel 5, and OnePlus 8T have reset the price of a "flagship" phone from $ 1,000 to $ 600- $ 700, a refreshing change in light of a tough economy.

Verizon's 5G millimeter wave system continues to impose a "millimeter wave tax" on its devices; Verizon 5G-compatible phones often cost $ 50 to $ 100 more than 5G phones from the other two carriers; When there is an exception, it is usually because Verizon or the manufacturer has quietly backed the phone.